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At First Church, we want to partner with families from the very beginning. We know your young child is growing and learning every day! We’ve created a special environment just for them that meets them where they are. We know the early years go by fast, so our early childhood ministry leads with the end in mind. By the time a child enters kindergarten, we want them to know three basic truths: God made me, God loves me, and Jesus wants to be my friend forever.

Programming Times

onsite weekend experience

Everything in First Years is designed with your child’s age and stage in mind. From hands-on activities and storytelling, to fun worship, crafts and games, we want to engage the hearts of young children on their level. Your child will experience God’s word in a meaningful and developmentally appropriate way every Sunday.

SUNDAYS AT 8:15AM, 9:45AM, & 11:15AM

online weekend experience

First Years wants to also give you resources to provide an online, at home First Years experience!  

Download the Parent Cue App (in either Android or Apple), register, choose First Church, and enter in your child’s info. The app will automatically populate with all the age appropriate videos and content you will need for an at-home First Years experience.

We also post our Weekend Experience on Sundays so you can experience First Years at home during the week with your family.

Midweek Services

On Wednesday nights during the school year, we offer programming for children whose parents are serving or attending on-site groups.

Wednesdays at 6:15PM

For parents

Common questions asked by visiting families:

Who will care for my child?

First Years leaders have been strategically placed by an application and background check process. Our leaders have a heart for young children and are excited about sharing God’s love with them and investing in the next generation.

How do I check my child in/out?

During our expansion, the best entrance for families is located on the back (or NW) side of the building. Soon after entering through the glass doors, you will find First-Time Guest Check-In located on the left. Our Guest Services team members will greet you, guide you through the registration process, and personally escort you to our First Years ministry. We are committed to making your child’s time with us safe and meaningful.
  • Upon check-in, your child is given a numbered security nametag. This nametag is placed on your child’s back. This matches a security tag you are given. If we need to call you out of service, your security number will be displayed. 
  • At pick up time, present your child’s matching security tag to the leader at the classroom door. For safety reasons, we ask that you drop off and pick up your child outside the door of the classroom.
  • Let us know important details such as potty training, feeding time, special needs, or allergies. In the event of an allergy, please notify your child’s First Years leader so an allergy sticker can be provided.
  • Make sure to include any items in your child’s diaper bag they might need to help soothe them, such as pacifier or bottle. Please label all items.

What will my child be learning?

We want our littlest ones to feel safe and at ease from the very beginning. Infants and young toddlers are cared for by our trained leaders, who will do everything they can to ensure your child is comfortable and has every need met.
  • Our toddlers and two-year olds gather for Bible storytelling as well as a simple craft and worship designed just for their age.
  • Our threes, fours, and fives meet for small group centers and activities that enrich our Bible story. They also participate in our fun large group environment called The Clubhouse, for storytelling and worship.


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Parent Cue App

At First Years, we want to partner with parents! We know you spend more time with your child than anyone, so we give you resources each month to help guide your child in their faith.

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