Pregnancy Resource Center

Our mission statement is Honoring Life, Loving Families and Giving Hope. We exist to save and change lives!  When women are facing unplanned pregnancy, abortion is often the first option considered. It seems like a quick and simple fix when in actuality, it is far from it. By partnering with the PRC, you can help make a difference between life and death, whether physically, emotionally, or spiritually. No woman, man or family should have to face this journey alone.

Potential Volunteer Opportunities

1. We need mentors (men and women) who are willing to invest 30-45 minutes a week to meet with a client via Zoom to nurture them and walk alongside them on their journey. We hope once COVID-19 is better controlled we can get this program back into the facility. There is training required.
2. Boutique help: We receive many gently used items such as clothing, formula and baby supplies that must be checked for recalls, cleaned up, and placed in our boutique. This can be done any day that we are open (Mon-Thurs 12-5pm). There is a one day training with this.
3. We would love to have help with cleaning and disinfecting our building!

Contact info

Potential volunteers can reach out to me; Brenda Raleigh, Executive Director. 918-272-6888 or email